Who is RDNY.com?
RDNY.com is New York's largest online, no broker fee apartment rental company. Started over 15 years ago, RDNY.com saw the huge impact that the internet would have on real estate and the apartment rental business in particular. Covering the NYC metro area (except Staten Island), RDNY.com works with over 3,500 landlords and over 4000 rental apaprtments.

Why work with RDNY.com when my listings are already being rented by brokers?
Brokers represent a constantly shrinking portion of the apartment renting public. The internet revolution represents the most fundamental change in our lifetime of the way the public finds information and researches their options before purchasing. With each passing year, the number of internet savvy people grows geometrically. As more and more people start their search for an apartment on the internet, more and more people realize that they no longer need the very expensive services of a broker to find the right apartment for themselves. The trickle is starting to turn into a flood. Within 5 years, it is doubtful that the average, typical New Yorker will use a broker to find an apartment unless they have very particular needs, an unlimited budget, or need special hand-holding.

RDNY.com represents your very best portal to the world of people looking to rent in the NYC area. Our reputation for excellent service to both landlords and renters grows year after year. Best of all, with our worldwide reach, RDNY.com has made it possible for people all over the country and all over the world to begin their apartment search even before arriving in New York.

What is the difference between a Guest Member and a Paid Member?
A Paid Member has paid RDNY.com for full access to your database of information. Paid Members see full address and contact information on every listing. Guest Members, on the other hand, have not yet paid the Membership fee for full access to RDNY.com. Guest Members see every listing, but without full address or contact information.

Now, with RDNY.com's enhanced "Showcase" features, you can reach all Paid Members and Guest Members with FULL information on your listings. The potential for renting your apartment faster has just grown exponentially.

Why does RDNY.com have so many more Guest Members than Paid Members?
Everyone has to start their search for an apartment someplace. Guest Members are frequently at the early stages of their search. They are still investigating neighborhoods, sizes, and prices. At all hours of the day or night, people sit down at their computers and start looking at their rental options. When they come to RDNY.com, they create a Guest Member account and keep coming back until they see the right listings for them. You want to be there, right in front of them, when that moment comes.

You already list my apartments. Why would I want to "enhance" my listings?
Listing your apartments with RDNY.com is great, but it is only the first step. Sure, it will be seen by all of our Members that match your listings price, size and neighborhood. But face it, every single day that your apartment is vacant is costing your money. And the more apartments you have that are vacant, the more it's costing you. Before you know it, it's costing you a lot of money to carry your vacancies. So why wouldn't you take a simple and inexpensive step that could potentially lower your out-of-pocket vacancy cost? If you were placing an ad in the classified section of the newspaper, which do you think would be more effective; a simple four line ad buried in the middle of tons of other four line ads, or a large and colorful display ad at the top of the page? The large display ad is, of course, more effective. The only reason that landlords usually don't buy the large, colorful display ad at the top of the page is the cost.

RDNY.com now has the power to give you that large colorful (with a photo) display ad, before all other listings, at an unbelievably low price.

Look at it this way; every single day that your apartment is vacant is costing you money. The sooner you rent it, the sooner you start making money. Would you rather not spend a small amount of money or would you rather start earning a large amount of money? Enhancing you listings will start earning you money faster. Why wait?

Who uses RDNY.com?
RDNY.com is the #1 internet provider of no broker fee apartments in the NYC area.
90% of our clients find us via search engines or partner sites.
We consistently rank #1 (non-sponsored) on Google, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL.
700-800 new Guest Members and unique apt searches are performed daily (25,000/month).
50,000 opt-in emails are sent daily to Members and Guest Members with apartment update.
Average number of page views per client: 6 (#of pages they look at).
Sticky factor: 10-15 minutes (amount of time they spend on site).
252,000 to 300,000 unique searches in 2004

Media coverage:

New York Times
Timeout NY
Real Estate Weekly
Chosen as a USAToday.com "hot site".
65% are 22-35 years old
58% female
42% male
Up to $40,000 27%
40,000-60,000 24%
60,000-100,000 40%
100,000+ 9%

Where do RDNY.com users want to live?

Manhattan 50%
Brooklyn 24%
Queens 12%
Bronx 5%
Other 9%

RDNY.com Members typically save
about $3600 in broker's fees.


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