Building Showcase Plus

Premium location for choice buildings.
Place your listing where it can do the most good.

Luxury Buildings Deserve Building Showcase Plus
Reach more qualified renters and sign leases faster.

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  Summary Of Features
Prime placement for luxury buildings.
Displayed before any and all other listings.
Viewed by paid and guest members, so more eager prospects see your listings.
When members click anywhere on the photo or link they immediately see your online brochure for your building.
30-day, month to month service. No long-term commitment required.

Building Showcase Plus  
Attracts more prospective tenants FIVE ways.

1 Your building appears on the 1st screen after members login.


1 An entire page is dedicated to your building, displaying the choice details that will entice
       prospective renters.

 Display your gorgeous photos of your    building and features
 Describe building and apartment    amenities
 Describe neighborhood attractions
 Show your latest availabilities
 Link to your website

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1  Free placement in the "Featured Listings
  Your apartments appear on Page 1, ahead of
     any standard listings.
  Every RDNY member looking for apartments like
     yours sees your listings.

1 Each listing includes in-depth description pages.

  Displays all property and unit location
  A convenient map with your building's location is
  Neighborhood and transit information.
  Displays financial requirements.

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1 Your building is even featured on competing listings, attracting more prospective tenants.

  Every listing in your chosen neighborhood displays
    a thumbnail image and link to your building.
  Every thumbnail links to your brochure page.
  This feature maximizes the exposure of your
     building where you want it most - in the
     neighborhoods most likely to bring you renters.

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